"Getting Ready Photos"

"Traditional" wedding photos are those of you walking down the aisle, exchanging rings, smashing cake into eachothers faces and photos of you lined up with your bridal party. Some of my favorite photos are the "getting ready" photos when the bride and groom are a bundle of nerves and there is so much energy around the moments.

 "Getting ready photos" or "bridal prep" photos should be considered when planning your wedding day timeline with your photographer.  I love them, and I especially love how they tell the story of your wedding day.  Because getting ready with your closest friends and family for the best day of your life is really something special!  I love capturing the all of the prep and primping that went into your look, your perfume, your dress, and you getting into it.  It's a once in a lifetime experience that will be better remembered for years to come if it is documented eloquently and will help to tell the narrative of your wedding day!

I  love all of the forethought and planning that goes into every single detail of a wedding day.  Here are my tips for getting the best photos during your wedding prep! These rules apply to guys too!! They definitely need pictures of getting ready also.

1- Think about where you will get ready!

Because you will spend a lot of time in your getting ready room on your special day, you should definitely think about comfort for you and your bridesmaids.  The best getting ready photos are in well-lit rooms with lots of windows.  The more light the better!  

2- Try to keep the room neat and tidy for during portrait time.  

Sometimes its best to designate a bridesmaid or family member to help with this task.  

3- Make sure your space is large enough for the number of people in the room.  

The last thing you want is to not have enough space to move around and/or to knock something over onto something important (like your wedding dress!) Thankfully--this scenario only happens in my nightmares and is not based on real-life experience.


4- Have all of your details together in one spot when the photographer arrives. 

 This is always one of the first things I do when I arrive so that I can give everything back to the bride and groom as they finish their preparations.  

5- Think about the details!! 

If you know that you want a shot of your wedding dress hanging at the venue, consider getting a wooden hanger so that the plastic bridal shop hanger does not distract from the beauty of the dress.  Be sure you have a steamer for last minute wrinkles!  Be sure you remove hairbands from wrists and cell phones and keys from pockets.   Don't be surprised if I take down a painting or move things in the room. (Or put you in a bathroom or outside for just a few).

6- Communicate!!  

Be sure that you share your creative ideas with your photographer.  If you know you want a picture of your mom putting on your bracelet, you need to be sure the photographer knows in advance.  It's always a good idea to communicate these things in writing, but if its something on the spot, do not hesitate to ask for anything you want, as it is your special day!

7- Give yourself more time than you think you need.  

This is especially important if you have a larger bridal party in case anything goes wrong with hair and makeup.  I like to start getting ready photos towards the end of when the bride is getting her makeup done and before everyone is in their dresses.  Bridesmaids usually dress first so they are dressed when helping the bride into her gown.  You may not realize it, but sometimes it can take 20 minutes to get into a gown!

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